About a marble source

"Marble Source" produces and sells marble and other natural stones.


The company was established at 1994 and her main goal is to provide solutions for all needs relating to Israeli marble and natural stones.

The company sells a wide spectrum of stones and marble products such as:

flooring  ,sinks ,window's bases ,door's panes ,wall cover ,counter tops, fountains and more.


We provide a high quality of production using the best materials and short term delivery.

Our technologically advanced methods and equipment keep our products at the highest standart.


Marble source based in gush Etzion just outside of Jerusalem.Our location keeps us close to the biggest marble mines in Israel,as well as centralized for delivery across the country.


We provide all existing types of marble such as :Chalila-Wastani, Chalila- KK ,Bir-zeit (yellow & gray) ,Hebron ,Jerusalem Gold ,Jerusalem Antique ,etc…


Our experience in marble works allows us to provide top of the line consultation services.Our staff includes professional stone-carvers and artists who offer individual solutions and creative designs for our clients.


You are welcome to view our products work and impressionable and contact us here

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