Marble fireplace

Coating stone or marble coating for chimney stoves
Today more and more homes heat the house based on the wood stove , gas, or oil
And therefore must work decoration around the heater .

There are ovens " stand alone "
They are designed and do not have decoration or coating except for the back wall .

And there are heaters " child - no " ( Built-in ) coating is an integral part of the oven
There are several options for coating fireplace :
First . Plaster coating
Two . Wood siding
Three . Coating marble - stone siding .

Popular of them all over the years is a marble fireplace coating that is resistant to high temperature , transmitter and adds luxury home design

There are many options when choosing marble processing style , modern style , antique , classic , etc. ..

There are a large variety of stone types and colors which can be with them to design the required coating such as

Halila , White Halila , ber-zet Grey , Slave Red, White Kabatia, white or yellow Hebron , and more.

There are a few things to pay attention to during the installation :
First . Try to be the stone of the coating and thin Goshen stone to hold intense heat .
Two . Heat-resistant epoxy adhesive high .
Three . Ventilation has developed a repair or maintenance service .
Four . Order the coating that fireplace in the " source of marble " is highly recommended.

With Marble source you will find a wide variety of coatings of all types
There are options to personally design or choose from a catalog .

Marble source provides the other marble products known today
Like marble staircase , marble flooring , window thresholds , bricks , baths and many more
And all at below market price .
The highest level of finish .
Marble source has extensive experience in consulting and execution of both stone and marble covering and assembly of products .

While ensuring the quality of the raw material , production process, sort and quick delivery to the customer

You are welcome to view the works we have carried out , impressed and contact with us. here

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